Will I regain weight after weight loss?
Will I regain weight after weight loss?

Will I regain weight after weight loss?

Regaining weight after undergoing a successful weight loss has been of serious concern among people who have weight issues. The answer to the question about whether you will regain weight after weight loss is a yes. However, with the continued effort you can maintain your desired weight and keep off the undesired weight permanently. The amount of work you put into weight loss should by no means be diminished if you want to ensure the weight is put off permanently. Maintaining your desired weight after a weight loss endeavour has been previously addressed. Click here for further reading.

Unfortunately, weight gain is associated with some physiological complications beyond your control such as your gene, sex, and age. However, you can control your lifestyle such as your eating behaviour, and physical activity which to a very large extent influence your health.

The following are the reasons why you could regain weight after weight loss.

An unrealistic Diet makes you regain weight after weight loss

If the dietary regimen you used in your weight loss program is too rigid. This is often the case with the diet plans that prevent the intake of some foods or an entire food group such as starchy food or beans and legumes. This approach is not sustainable. Your body soon starts to crave those foods, and it is a matter of time, you see yourself going back to eating them, but this time with no consideration to portion size. Besides the fact that restricting certain foods or food group in weight loss program is unsustainable, it is often discouraged because it can result into the inadequate intake of essential nutrients.

Unrealistic workout or exercise fuels weight regain after weight loss

At the beginning of your weight loss programme, you are very enthusiastic and determined to pay the price. Out of your desperation to lose weight fast, you set for yourself a 6-day exercise plan at the gym or on the treadmill at home, or in the countryside/park jugging. While these are laudable efforts, however, sustainability is often a problem. The vigorous exercise regimen will lead to weight loss within a short time which often coincides with your inability to continue the momentum. Realistic dietary and exercise plan for a sustainable weight loss is discussed in My Optimal Body, a resource designed to guide you through effective weight loss programme.

To maintain your new weight, you only need to reduce the exercise regimen while balancing with your calorie intake. Stopping the exercise regimen or decreasing it to a lower level that creates a positive energy balance will lead to you regaining the weight.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Most people have a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle that involves little or no physical activity. This often means sitting for most of the day at the desk at work, working on the computer or other electronic device for much of the day. Movement from one place to the other using one form of transportation or the other. If this is your typical lifestyle, it is a matter of time that you will regain your weight.  Additionally, sedentary behaviour can cut down your metabolism, making it easier for your body to store fat.

It is advised not to sit or be immobile for more than 1 hour at a time. Instead, break up long periods of sitting by standing and take a little walk before coming back to continue your work.

Inadequate Exercise

Inadequate physical activity is another reason why you could easily regain your weight. You need to intentionally commit to an exercise plan that you enjoy doing consistently. This includes about 60 minutes of moderate exercise on most days of the week.  Everybody requires a different amount of exercise, depending on gender, age, weight, body composition, fitness level, and genetic makeup. Moderate physical activities will do, and these include a brisk walk, walking the stairs, jumping jacks, gardening, jugging in place, and many more.


It is possible for you to easily regain weight after achieving weight loss. If your weight loss strategy was faulty from the beginning, this sets the stage for the unsustainability of the new status. Furthermore, a sedentary lifestyle, as well as inadequate physical activity, will lead to you gaining the weight that you struggled to drop. Unrealistic dietary plans and exercise are not encouraged in weight loss programmes. Also, a lifetime commitment to a realistic exercise plan and healthy eating with modest portion size will help you to overcome weight regain.

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