5 Great Ideas for a Healthy Snack
Ideas for a Healthy Snack

5 Great Ideas for a Healthy Snack

Snacks are an essential part of healthy eating. I will be sharing five ideas for a healthy snack in this article. Healthy snacks can be used to provide vital nutrients if used correctly. They can also count towards meeting the daily recommendation for fruit and vegetables.

There are several schools of thoughts regarding the intake of snack. These include but not limited to the following:

  • Don’t eat a snack between meals
  • Eat snacks between meals
  • Don’t eat snacks after dinner if you are trying to lose weight
  • You can eat a little snack at bedtime to prevent hunger pang in the night.

While none of these is absolutely right or wrong, it is advisable that you do what works for you in terms of your dietary options such as the sugar levels, gluten-free, strictly vegan, milk-free etc. The golden rule is that your snack intake should be a healthy one. Whole-food-based snacks are best and that is what I like to recommend. They should be unprocessed and unrefined or minimally processed. Whole-food-based snacks are often rich in fibre which keeps you full, contain unrefined carbohydrate to supply you with energy and contain loads of vitamins and nutrients. Also, there are processed snack options that are available on the go and helpful for the convenience. They can be used to supplement the whole-food-based snacks.

The timing for snacks also depends on you; however, I personally like to give my system a good amount of time to rest from digestion activities. I enjoy feeling light. The frequent intake of water helps to keep me feeling full and refreshed. I have come to realize that this strategy helps a lot. The strategy is consistent with the principle of intermittent fasting which has been shown to provide the body with lots of health benefits. Lest I digress from the object of the discussion here, see the benefits of drinking water and intermittent fasting in my eBook on a practical guide for a sustainable weight loss. You can snack anytime, snacking at night can be good for you as long as you keep your snack light and not too close to bedtime

If you want to avoid hunger between meals, I will recommend that you snack on food selections that provide you with a healthy amount of protein and nutrients. Make your portion moderate; therefore, snacks with 200 calories or less are considered suitable options. Snacks that are high in fibre will help you to feel full, helping you to control your appetite for your next meal. If sugar intake is not an absolute no for you, a snack with not more than 10 grams of sugar will provide you with the needed satisfaction without leaving you with any guilt feeling.

The five ideas for a healthy snack discussed here are suitable for all, including school children, young people, adult men and women.

1. Seasonal fruits make great Ideas for a Healthy Snack

Ideas for a Healthy Snack
Ideas for a Healthy Snack

I like to go the natural way, and this will be my first suggestion for a healthy snack. You don’t have to go looking for fruits that are out of your reach. Go with the fruits in season. Examples are one medium-sized apple, pear, mango, banana, artichoke, peach, orange, ¾ cup grapes, cubed pawpaw, cubed pineapple, 3 small-sized apricots, plums, prunes, nectarine, tangerine, 1 cup cubed watermelon and more. Note that your snack intake should be moderate, hence the suggested amount indicated here. The fact that fruits are natural doesn’t mean they should be eaten without limit. They contain sugar and if taken in excessive amount can result in taking more calories than needed thereby placing you at risk for overweight.

2. Vegetables as good ideas for a healthy snack

Just like fruits, vegetables can be eaten in their natural fresh form or lightly heat processed. They are great and healthy options for healthy snacks. Unlike fruits, vegetables have the added benefits of not high in simple sugars, but with a good amount of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients all of which are of great benefit to human health. Good examples are 2 cups cubed cucumber, 1 cup sliced carrot, 6 spears asparagus, ½ cup sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, green peas, butternut and many more.

3. A variety of nuts makes a good snack

Ideas for a Healthy Snack
Nuts are good for a Healthy Snack

Nuts are delicious and healthy and they are great ways to snack options. They are relatively economical, easy to store and easy to pack when you’re on the go. They may be taken raw or lightly toasted. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals with many great health benefits. For example, walnut has a neuroprotective compound that supports brain health. However, one shortcoming to eating nuts is that they are high in calories due to the high-fat content. Therefore, it is vital to limit the portions. Options for nuts include 15 halves of walnuts, 12 almonds, 10 cashew nuts, 3 tablespoons of peanuts and 9 pecans. The calories provided by these portions are less than 200.

4. Seeds are super good too

Ideas for a Healthy Snack
A mixture of seeds

Like nuts, seeds are very beneficial to health. They are rich in unsaturated fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Also, because seeds are high in fat they should be eaten in moderation. 3 tablespoons of seed mix provide 145 calories. Examples are flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed and more. Seeds are usually available as a mixture of seeds or sometimes in combination with dried fruits and nuts. It is advisable that you purchase a mixture of seeds only or better still, purchase separate seeds that you desire and combine as you like. You can always create your snack from a variety of this natural goodness and benefit from the loads of health benefits they provide.

5. Combination of foods

Be creative; skilfully combine foods to produce a variety of snacks. For example, a combination of fruits with milk and a few nuts blended into a delicious and healthy smoothie. Note that the golden rule here is still moderation. A 250 ml cup of smoothie serves as a good snack. How about baked squash stuffed sweet pepper? What about oven-toasted homemade tortilla? The list is endless. By combining foods, you explore the possibilities there are and increase your chances for a variety of healthy snacks. I like to experiment with foods and I do that a lot. Each time I come up with new snack ideas.


I hope you will find the ideas for a healthy snack shared in this post helpful to improve your snack intake and that of your family. There is a lot that you can do to create varieties from whole foods. The bottom line is that your snack should be healthy, and moderate in portion size. Perhaps you would like to share your ideas creating some healthy snacks, I will be glad to read from you in the comment section.

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  1. Roy

    There are plenty of options to have a healthy snack. I expect that some of the problems for people, in general, are the change of habit and, that some fruits and vegetables need to be peeled before they are eaten. Then it is easy to excuse oneself that it is to much work to eat healthily.

    That being said, it is easy to prepare a snack of healthy food. It doesn’t take long and the taste is heavenly. You have some great suggestions and guidelines using fruit and vegetables as snacks. Peel them, divide them into smaller pieces, and the snacks will disappear very quickly. You have very good advice on the correct amount of different fruit, nuts, and vegetables. As with traditional snacks, too much is too much.


  2. Alison

    Thank you for these ideas. I’m hungry for a good snack now! I think we get busy and then just reach for something easy but don’t feel so good afterwards. It’s a great reminder that we can reach for some nuts & seeds, which is easy too! Sometimes I like to have avocado with sea salt and a little goats cheese. 

  3. Candy Benn

    I love your article on healthy snacks. It seems like those two words don’t even belong together today. I have to agree with you I don’t believe the way we eat, when or how much is a one size fit all thing. Our bodies are different so our needs are different. However, I do believe that some of what we eat should not really be called food at all because we are poisoning our bodies slowly. I refer to processed foods here and the additives they contain.

    Thank you for an informative article.
    Candy Benn

  4. Debbie Kupolati

    I agree with your views, Candy. We all owe our body the duty of maintaining good health through what we eat

  5. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi Alison, I like your suggestion avocados for a healthy snack. 

  6. Joseph Botelho

    I like all the information you have shared with us here. Great details on how to enjoy healthy foods and stay healthy which is so vital. Many people never understand what you have just shared. With some luck, they will read what is important and perhaps change how they eat. You have a great looking site with information vital for our health.

    Thank you for sharing.



  7. Debbie Kupolati

    Thanks for your comments Joseph

  8. Nelson

    Healthy snacks can be fun if well prepared and taste great. Some people find healthy snack boring, probably because they’ve had one that wasn’t delicious enough for them. I love these healthy snack ideas and taking advantage of these ideas for the Christmas would definitely be great. Thanks for this lovely article.

  9. Ann

    I have also received advice concerning snacks that are opposite one to another. And I am glad to read on your post that none of the several schools of thoughts regarding the intake of snacks is completely right or wrong. So we could follow the one we like most each day, but they must be healthy and must be in moderation.

  10. Nelson david

    Ideas rule the world, Getting the best out of something would be based on the ideas you tend to apply… When it comes to food, Every new recipe is a product of an idea..Thanks a lot alot for sharing this ideas as they say health Is wealth, and I hope this article get to others so they also see these nice ideas…For me, fruit in season has been the go to for me right from time.

  11. Shavo

    It’s nice to read through this amazing article, thanks for sharing it, nutrition is very essential to human health, as it keeps us in good shape and enables us to have a longer span of healthy living. These ideas for a healthy snack is very good and very understandable. I wish many people are aware of this, thanks for sharing.

  12. Parkinson

    For hungry bellies in an afternoon slump, these healthy snacks are what’s needed. They’re perfect for little hands, too, and packed full of nutritional benefits. If you’re looking for something to get kids in the kitchen, you’ll be glad to hear they’re easy to prepare as well. Check out our guide to kids’ cooking projects  for more ideas on delicious dinners that will keep budding chefs busy.

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