Forever Living Products – the nutritional supplements
Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products – the nutritional supplements

In this review, I will be discussing Forever Living products with a particular reference to their nutritional supplements. As a nutritionist, I help people to reduce their risk for non-communicable diseases thereby enhancing their well-being and productivity through nutrition education, counselling and interventions. In my public nutrition campaigns, community engagement and individual consultations, one request usually come up. The request is about nutritional supplements.

People often want to know if it is good for them to take nutritional or dietary supplements. They ask what supplement they should use to prevent a certain situation. People often want to know if a particular supplement they have been taking will help them or not. These and many more questions I have had to deal with as I engage with people. With this situation, it dawned on me that I need to direct the people appropriately.

Researching credible nutritional supplements

To help people access credible sources of nutritional supplements, I decided to do some research and I found out Forever Living Products. I will be substantiating my recommendation of the use of Forever Living Products based on my personal experience and the credibility of the product. I will not want to bother you with the history of the company in this article; please read it up here.

My experience using Forever Living Products

I have shared a comprehensive account of how I used “Forever Lite Ultra”; one of the Forever Living Products to improve my skeletal muscle mass in my weight gain endeavour. When you are seeking to gain weight, a good amount of quality protein intake is very important to ensure the effective development of skeletal muscle mass instead of fat mass. Likewise, when you are working at losing weight, quality protein intake is also necessary to ensure you retain the good weight (skeletal muscle mass) while shedding the bad weight (the fat mass). The use of “Forever Lite Ultra” was very helpful in my case, as it helped me to gain the desired weight. Forever Lite Ultra comprises 17 grams of vegetarian-sourced protein without sugar, fat or carbs and the patented Aminotein that helps in ensuring proper digestion and optimal absorption of amino acids. Aminotein helps in the effective development of skeletal muscle mass.

“Forever vision” is another Forever Living Product that I used and the difference is so much. I normally use reading glasses and I spend a great deal of time working with the computer. Afterwards, away from the screen with my usual eyesight, my vision will become blurred for up to 2 hours before my normal vision is restored. With the use of Forever vision supplement, my vision improved greatly. After working on the computer or doing paperwork for long hours, when I return to my usual eyesight, I no more experience blurred vision.

Forever Living Products features amazing nutritional supplements ranging from daily vitamins to natural energy boosters and digestive aids. Forever Living Products’ range of supplements includes:

Forever Nature Min
Forever Nature-Min
  1. Forever move; that enriches the joint, support healthy tendon, decreases stiffness in joints and helps fast recovery from exercise.
  2. Forever Supergreens; a blend of aloe and over 20 fruits and vegetables that deliver key nutrients and antioxidants power to maintain the body’s natural defences and keep the body at peak performance. It is vegan and vegetarian friendly and helps to support a healthy pH balance which is important for many functions in the body.
  3. Forever Therm; which helps to naturally power your metabolism. It supports thermogenesis, promotes energy levels, it is vegan-friendly, vegetarian friendly, and gluten-free. It also includes raspberry ketones, which is effective in the metabolism of fat.
  4. Forever ImmuBlend; an immune maintenance supplement with
    Forever Calcium
    Forever Calcium

    the combination of natural and tested ingredients. It helps to improve the digestive tract and build a strong immune system.

  5. Forever Nature Min; which is formulated to provide essential and trace minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc. The minerals are sourced from the bottom of sea beds and marine plants. Forever Nature Min promotes proper muscle function and hydration. The zinc component makes it useful in the maintenance of normal hair, bones, nails and skin.
  6. Forever Active Pro-B; a probiotic which stimulates healthy digestion, improves nutrient absorption and maintains immune function. It furnishes active and beneficial bacteria, like Lactobacillus Rhamnosus which helps to improve the digestive, immune and overall health.
  7. Forever B12 Plus; which has a combination of vitamin B12 and folic acid that helps to produce red blood cells, and improves the way iron is used in the body.
  8. Forever Calcium; which delivers calcium and vitamin D for the maintenance of bone health. It contains the patented di-calcium malate which allows for effective absorption of the mineral in the body.
  9. Forever Arctic Sea; which is a blend of oils that provides the body with a balanced omega-3 supplement. It comprises oils from fish, calamari and high oleic olive oil all of which are essential for cardiovascular, digestive, immune, brain and eye health.
  10. Forever Focus; which helps to maintain focus. It is a blend of natural and clinically tested ingredients which helps to promote mental clarity, attentiveness and ordered thought.
  11. Forever Lean; which delivers two powerful ingredients that help in reducing the body’s absorption of calories.
  12. Forever Fiber; an easy dissolving prebiotic which comprises 5 grams of fibre in one serving.
  13. Forever Cardio Health with CoQ 10; which is packed with heart health-promoting ingredients. CoQ10 is a powerful co-enzyme which in combination with vitamin B helps in the functioning of cells of the cardiovascular system.

The credibility of Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products have been around for over 40 years and many people have testified to the benefits they derived from using the nutritional supplements. According to a statement from the company; quality tests are conducted at every stage of the development and production to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Call to Action

Should you want to consider any of the Forever Living Products, please visit the following links and input  270003474912 if prompted for a Distributor ID at the checkout.

From the nutritionist point of view, obtaining your nutrients from the intake of a variety of food is advisable and best. However, a situation may arise when it becomes necessary to use nutritional/dietary supplements. If your food intake is inadequate to supply all the essential nutrients that your body needs, it may be necessary for you to augment with nutritional supplements. In older adults and during illness when food intake has reduced to the extent that food intake is insufficient to provide the necessary nutrient in the body.

Strategies to address nutrient inadequacy

There are many approaches to addressing nutrient inadequacy in dietary intakes. Some ways are through nutrition education on healthy food choices, food fortification and enrichment whereby nutrients are added to staple foods. Also, genetic engineering that increases the nutrient content of a commodity, bio-fortification including conventional breeding, and the use of dietary supplements. Dietary supplements provide concentrated sources of nutrients that are low or lacking in individuals’ usual dietary intakes. As indicated previously, nutritional supplements can be used by people whose diets are inadequate in the essential nutrients. However, supplements have disadvantages.

Advantages of using nutritional supplements

A study assessed the benefits of the use of the oral nutritional supplement in a community and found that it produces an overall net cost saving. These benefits include

  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced infections
  • Reduced minor post-operative complications
  • Reduced falls and functional limitations.

Disadvantages of using nutritional supplements

  • Since they provide concentrated sources of nutrients at relatively high levels, there is the possibility of ingesting excessive quantities leading to health risk
  • Nutritional supplements may contain ingredients with unknown safe level for its use; meaning that their long-term health effects may be unknown.

Quality concerns of nutritional supplements

There are increasing concerns about the quality of supplements that continues to flood the market daily. The need for improving the quality continues. There are hundreds of thousands of various kinds and brands of supplements in the marketplace, however, the concerns about safety issues and quality assurance continue to be of importance for the industry and the public. Though manufacturers are not allowed by law to market nutritional supplements that are unsafe or contain harmful ingredients, however, ensuring that the specifications are adhered to is a problem. This quality control includes assuring that safe upper levels of intake for nutrients are not exceeded as well as ensuring that toxic contaminants are absent.


If you are considering the use of any nutritional supplement for yourself or family as a strategy to improve dietary intakes, ensure, they are from credible sources. If you have any question concerning the use of Forever Living nutritional supplements, please leave it at the comment section, and I will be glad to answer your question. Perhaps, you have used any of the Forever Living Products, you may want your share your experience to contribute to this discussion.



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  1. Parameter

    Talk of Forever Living Products, you are talking about good products; the products are excellently formulated and based on the aloe vera plant. I have also used the products and I will share my testimony. I used to have constipation, I was introduced to the product. I bought the forever living aloe vera gel. Used it and the whole issue of constipation and pie at my anus disappeared

  2. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi Parameter. Good to learn about how Forever Living Products helped you. The products are highly effective and several people have also testified to the efficacy.

  3. Ann

    I’ll bookmark your site. And the reason why is because this is the first time I land upon a site that’s reviewing nutritional supplements and the reviewer is an actual nutritionist.

    I’ll follow your advice and give Forever Living nutritional supplements a try. I’ll keep in touch with you sharing my results. Thank you very much!

  4. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi Ann, good to know that you find it helpful. Forever Living Products surely help. I will be very happy to hear your testimonial on the use of the products. Keep well.

  5. Kingsking

    Nice, this is an awesome article, I have not heard or used forever living products, it sounds like a great product to try out, I think I should give forever lite ultra a try since it helped you gain the desired weight and also forever vision, I will also recommend it to some of my friends and old folks because some of them are having poor eye vision. I hope it also works for them. I might try out some of the other supplements of FLP also. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi Kingsking. Yes, Forever living products work. Try out the supplements if you need to supplement your nutrient needs. 

  7. Hilde

    One of my friends is using Forever and is doing business with Forever products. I have tried the Propolis creme and it smells good and is a good creme that I bought from her. I have no doubt these products are good products. However, I think some of the products are quite expensive. I shared your review with her because I thought she would be interested in reading your review. I have not tried Forever supplements. I am quite sceptical to supplements in general. It is a whole Jungle out there of Supplements. What makes Forever supplements stand out? 

  8. Debbie Kupolati

    Forever Living Products including the supplements are made from natural ingredients one of which is the pure stabilised aloe vera. Aloe vera has many health benefits which include digestive health support, promoting healthy immune system, enhancing nutrient absorption and boosting natural energy levels. Also, the production of Forever Living products follows numerous quality controls to satisfy the requirement of the International Aloes Science Council (IASC). 

  9. Jannette

    Interesting explanation of Forever Lite Ultra product. I will have to give this product a try, as I am following a protein diet to help maintain weight and not gain. Need to work on skeletal muscle mass, after reading your review this product seems perfect. I will be sharing this review with my social media followers. 

  10. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi Jannette, yes, Forever Lite Ultra works well with gaining skeletal muscle mass. Remember to share your success story with me afterwards. 

  11. EliteCarol

    Thank you so much for sharing this post here and I will like to make the best use of the fact that this forever living products can really be effective in a long while. This nutritional supplement is really effective and getting the best nutrition and nutrients from supplement can really be the best approach. Thanks so much for sharing this out here

  12. Debbie Kupolati

    Glad you find forever living products useful. 

  13. Christine


    I’m interested in learning more about the forever vision supplement. I also spend much time staring at the computer and phone screen, and it tires my eyes. What ingredients does this supplement have? I usually do not take many supplements, but nowadays with what’s going in the world, I have been taking more multi supplements. Are all the Forever supplements vegan friendly?

  14. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi Christine, I am also not used to taking supplements myself, but because I needed to improve my vision, I tried the Forever Vision and it works for me. The supplement contains vitamins A, C and E which helps to protect the eye cells from stress. It also contains Zinc which helps to maintain normal vision. From the ingredients, fish oil is listed, therefore, it may not be vegan friendly. However, there are other Forever Living Products that are specifically indicated to be vegan friendly. Please go through the links indicated in the post to the products gallery.

  15. JJ

    I know I need supplements because when I take them I feel better and when I drop off the habit I don’t feel as good. This set of products seem to have a wide range because in addition to multivitamins and immune support, it also offers some of what I need such as boosting skeletal muscle mass and getting rid of fat mass. I would also need joint support. Thank you for introducing me to what seems like a fine line of supplements.

  16. Payton

    This is the first time that I am hearing about this company. I have Ben searching for a good supplement because I understand how many companies are making counterfeits that do not work. So I decided to do some online research on these products here. I think this one is good and maybe I should give it a try. I like how the Forever Lite Ultra protein comes in different flavours too.

  17. Md. Asraful Islam

    Thank you so much for sharing with us a wonderful and informative article. The main theme of this article is Forever Living Products. It is truly incredible that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Forever Nature Min. I have been using the Forever Living Products supplements for a long time and they have helped me to address various deficiencies.

    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you are happy with me.

  18. Debbie Kupolati

    Good to that you can find what will work for you in the Forever Living Products. Please gon on to help yourself. The products work well.

  19. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi Asraful, it is good to know that you have used the FLP with great results. You are free to share on your FB page.

  20. Debbie Kupolati

    Go on Payton, give it a try and experience the benefits. Be sure to share with me your testimonial.

  21. Joy

    Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this quality information will be of great help to anyone who come across this post as it is to me. One thing I like about their product is the fact that It is 100% natural with no added preservatives or artificial colours and is also an excellent natural food form.

  22. Henry

    I used to work out for a while, so I did some research about nutritional supplements as well. It is really important but also hard to find a supplement that best suits me and doesn’t have any unsafe ingredient. Therefore, I’m too familiar with how it feels to look for the right supplement everywhere but still don’t know which to buy at last. Your article provides comprehensive information about how many and what kind of products this company has. It helps me better considering which product to choose. Thank you for this very informative post.

  23. Debbie Kupolati

    Yes, Joy, Forever Living products are very good., 

  24. Debbie Kupolati

    Good to know you find the article helpful. Forever Living products are a good choice, you will find them very helpful

  25. Jay

    I am definitely going to put this post on my bookmark because I keep seeing some advertisement from this company but I never really took it seriously. Now it is good that you brought up the supplement here and tell us just about how effective it is. I am definitely going to buy it because this is a time when we need to just stay healthy. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi Jay, please do give it a trial. and you will be glad you did

  27. Erika

    Nutrition is key and supplements are a must, I totally agree!

    The most important aspect of supplements is the convenience and time saver it is for me. Like most moms, we juggle lots of moving parts, every moment of the day. So it’s is important to me that I get the nutrients in one way or another. I want to be a more efficient person, to be in good health and have a peaceful living.

    I’d like to try your recommended Forever Nature Min and Forever Active Pro-B. Thanks for the information, great share, and passion for doing what you love. 

  28. Ismeglamour

    Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have been using similar products like this one for a very long time and I didn’t see much results but after using Forever Living product for just 2 months, the changes were much. Among all the forever living products the forever calcium is really the best.

  29. LineCowley

    Thank you for the detailed and informative post on Forever Living nutritional supplements. There are so many supplements available these days, and so many companies that make false claims as to what their products can do. It is a welcome relief to find a company with reputable products. I have not used Forever Living products yet but I will bookmark this page to order my calcium supplements next time I need them. 

  30. Kimberly

    Thank you for the overview concerning the forever products. Well, I would say the use of supplements these days have actually made things very easy on us all as we can rely on the supplements to fill in for the major areas that we lack on the whole. So, seeing this here is actually very good and I am quite very impressed with all I have seen. Thanks so much for sharing here

  31. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi, LineCowley, please do and you will be glad you did.

  32. chinthaka

    As a reader, I was able to get a lot of insights from your article. the knowledge you supply us about
    forever living nutritional supplements and their relevancy was much help to me as a reader. I will like to give Forever Living products a try and also suggest to my friends. I hope we can easily get them online. Thanks for sharing valuable insights with us.

  33. Nelson

    This is very interesting. Talking about Forever Living Products, I have a great experience with this company. And I can testify that their products and supplements are great. My dad was once part of their networking program and so we got the chance to try out some of their products. I would boldly recommend the supplements from Forever Living Products for anyone.

  34. Nelson david

    For me, I have been marketing Forever Living products for a very long time now and I have made very little breakthroughs. But the good thing about this brand is that their products are very stable and of good quality and won’t cause you any harm. Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

  35. Misael H

    Ah yes, I have been looking for some healthy nutirituional supplements for me to start taking in some due time because I simply do not get enough vitamins in my body with what I currently eat. This will be perfect, you have even provided multiple options and a thorough review of each, this is perfect. Thank you so much for this

  36. Debbie Kupolati

    Hi David, thanks for sharing your experience with Forever Living products. The price is a bit on the high side, however, the health benefit is huge and far outweighs the cost.

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